How long should I wait for him to text me?

Okay so.. I have been texting this guy for over a month now after meeting him through a mutual friend. He lives a few hours away so we haven't had a chance to actually hang out. Our text messages have been good, a lot of flirting and some teasing back and forth. He finally came into town a few days ago and I texted him knowing he was down and he never replied so I just left it thinking what a jerk he is. I ended up going out that night and saw him, he came up to me and I called him out for not replying to my text and he apologized. Long story short we ended up crashing in the same room that night at a friends house, nothing happened, just making out and such. The night was good and in the morning I hugged him goodbye. I'm hesitant to text him since the last time he did, he never replied. I'm waiting for him to say something but he hasn't. I'm not sure what to doo!

since the last time I did*


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  • i mean, why do you even (like to) get involved with someone living 3h away?

    i don't get it.

    • well, I don't. but he may be moving back possibly. and I'm not looking for anything serious at the moment anyways.

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  • Give it three days total, then text him and say "umm are you really doing this to me again?" see what he says. You will know after that exactly where you stand.

  • DONT...wait for him to text you. Then if he does, you know he is into you and not just responding to be nice.


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