Need help decoding my ex. help!

So after a year and some change of being broken up my ex finally asked me to chill at one of our old spots, a park. While we were there, he was just all on me , cuddling me, being cute, laying on me, doing his wrestling moves and sh*t on me, lol. He talked to me about us and the horrible break up. Everything couples do, basically he did. He tried to kiss me, but I didn't let him because I was still confused. Why was he all on me, but not my boyfriend again!? So he skated home and I was just left with everything I wanted to say, but didn't. Then I messaged him and he told me to say what I needed to say. I did, but got no reply. It's been two days. What do I do?


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  • Large volumes of testosterone in youthful males cause most of the behavior you mentioned in the question. Another words, that is a polite way to say that he was horny.

    He of course wanted you to speak because in the horny young male, whatever is on your mind is what is barring him from getting some. Then you sent it to him.

    Then he had to think about it with his other head and... hmmmmm... too much reality, not enough excitement. And that did it.

    He'll go off looking for more excitement, and if he gets rejected, he may consider going to plan B which is deal with your concerns to get back into good standing with you. Not really the ideal to guy to date, right? But you broke up with him once, and they always say on a multiple choice test to go with your first answer. I'd say that applies here too: he's an Ex for a reason.

  • Wait for a week and then text him again

    • Well I'm leaving for basic training in less than month and I just want to be at peace with everything before I leave.

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