What happened?! Please answer >.<

I met this guy in June on this group holiday type thing. We didn't talk at first, but we looked at each other a lot. Then on the Sunday before last, he came over and spoke to me. He spent all day talking to me and my friend and we was playfighting a lot. He also said I was perfect and had a nice smile. When I left, he asked my friend for my number, to which she replied, "one sec, I'll text her." but he changed his mind, saying he felt like a stalker. We ended up speaking on Facebook on Wednesday, where he gave me his number.

We spoke all day Wednesday, and he text me again on Thursday morning. He kept teasing me but said he always thought I was really pretty and had an adorable smile, and it seemed like he was trying to get me to admit my feelings for him. However, that day he got "engaged" to another girl on Facebook. I then text him on Friday and we spoke until he had to go for a party. We didn't text on Saturday but I text him on Sunday evening, and he didn't reply. We haven't spoken since Friday now.

Has he lost interest in me? Was he interested in the first place? Was I too clingy? Does he like the girl he got "engaged" to?


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  • Don't worry about. Move on because he is a player. Find other people and have fun. Life is too short to hold on to an as@ like him. If you are pretty as he said then I'm sure you will get somebody soon enough.

  • He could be playing hard to get, but for sure he was interested if he asked for your number

    Does he like the girl he got ''engaged'' to? How are we supposed to know, we don't know the guy

    • Ah, okay, thanks!

      & yeah, I kinda realized that was a stupid question as soon as I posted it xD sorry!

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