Guys, where do you like to be kissed that makes you feel special? Also what makes you feel special

Like, my boyfriend, when he kisses my neck, eyes and forehead, he makes me feel so special (: also when he holds/touches mundane when he kisses me makes me wanna melt! (:

I wanna do the same for him and make him feel the same (: ideas?

Also, he does a lot of little cute things to and he makes me speechless a lot (: how can I make him feel speechless ? (:


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  • well, I don't know the guy. but if you were my girlfriend, id suggest:

    cuddling. it is awesome. I love it when a girl is laying on me. they are soft and smooth and they smell good and its a good experience. I feel like a man protecting his girl. all is as it should be. cheesy, I know. but I dig it. it doesn't even have to be sexual either, just some good ol fasioned snuggling.

    another thing is hugs. a good hug is an under-appreciated thing.

    there are a lot more, but they are typical stuff. just be his girl. don't flirt with other guys, always make sure you are near him when you guys go out. the basic stuff.

    I feel a lot of guys are misunderstood, because todays day in age we are expected to be strong, and provide. a man never cries, and doesn't have time for feelings. that's not true, I think we need love just as much as any girl.


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  • give him a blowjob