Would it make you think of a girl as a friend if she wanted a date like this?

I'm not the traditional dinner and movie type girl. You can't get to know the person's personality if you're sitting in a movie not talking or trying to be on your best behavior at dinner. So for dates, I like to go bowling, go to an arcade, play laser tag, play mini golf, or go to a go cart track. To me those dates are fun and let the person be themselves. But I'm competitive to a point so yeah I'll be flirty but I'll also try and win at what we're doing. Does this make me seem like more of the friend type?


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  • No... though I am not sure how in laser tag you get to know each other as you are busy shooting one another. :-)

    I would have fun on those kinds of dates.. but you might need to let him know it is a date and not just hanging out. We men aren't always (especially when we are young) the most original thinkers... so we may get it in our mind that movie and dinner = date; other things = hang out.

    • Yeah that's true about laser tag lol, but its still fun haha. And thanks, I'll make sure he knows its still a date :)

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