This is really awkward. I hope it didn't destroy all my chances. Please help.

Ok. So I've been trying to hook-up with this girl. So today, my friends made forced me to send a really, really retarded text. It said:

"Hey, what's up? I felt like I was having a weird day. And then I thought to myself what was wrong. Then I realized that I haven't talked to you today. :(

So how are you?"

Ok, so there's more than one problem. We don't talk that much to begin with. We talk in class, and we've had some small talk. And the second problem is... She didn't reply! Nice. So that's where my friends again convinced me to send another message, 2 hours later, it said:

"I'm sorry about the last message. I sent it by accident. It was meant for someone else. Lmao"

Alright now sh*t's gotten worse. Both those messages are terrible. Now, tomorrow we have class together and I need help on what to say to her, how to say to her, and like how to get myself outta this without making it awkward. And someone please tell me if this has ruined all my chances. Thanks.


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  • Yeah, I think the first one was cute, the second one is kinda messed-up. Now she might think you want someone else. Just be honest with her, girls kinda like that. Just tell her: hey, about the messages yesterday, the first one was really meant for you but I kinda felt embarrassed when you didn't reply so I made you believe it was for someone else, sorry :)

    • But the fact that she didn't reply to my "CUTE" message means she's not interested. So there's no point in me trying anymore... Right?

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    • Ok. I think I'm gonna tell her the truth then. I just hope things don't get awkward afterwards... How can I keep things from getting awkward? Lol I'm sorry. I'm just really bad at this. Thankss for all your help.

    • Just be nice and when she reacts badly, just ignore it and try to be friendly. There isn't much you can do to keep things from getting awkward.

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  • Just be honest. Say that you were thinking about her and your friends suggested those emails...and if she's a cool chick, it'll make her laugh and it could be good for you!

    Good Luck!


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  • The first message was fine, if a little hokey.

    The second one was what killed you and destroyed all your chances.

    I don't think anyone has ever fallen for the "I sent that by accident" excuse. Even 6 year olds would know it's a crock.