Letting go but staying close...is that possible?

Ok, people I need some help finding the fine line between letting go of someone and pulling away from them. Let me explain. I've been in love with my (lady) friend for over two years and it's become pretty clear that this feeling will never be requited considering she's dated other new guys coming in the picture and I'm always big brother (yes I am older). I've been trying to find someone else, but my feelings for this girl always seem to come in the way. So I want to let go of those feelings but I don't want to break the friendship that I have with her because she has been very supportive when I went through some rough patches and she's always there whenever I need someone to talk to. She'll even encourage me to date other girls. But no matter who else I meet, I just can't seem to get her out of my head. So, what can I do to let go and yet not lose that valued friendship?


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  • If you can calm tell her, together with her good communication, believe she can understand you


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  • You are thinking emotionally and sentimentally here. If you think logically what you desire is pretty simple to achieve.

    You have mentioned that you love her for 2 years but haven't mentioned if you were in a relationship with her or if she knows you love her the way you do.

    Your not wanting to let go of her is clearly because of your love for her compounded by her supportive nature for you (even in her urging you to see other women).

    Answers can be more effective if you write about if you have had a relationship with her etc.

    • No, I never did date her, I thought that was clear when I said that the feeling was not requited and I was always the big brother. I did tell her how I feel last year and she turned me down. I don't know, whether she knows I'm still into her or not since I've not spoken of it since. I'm currently single, but she is currently dating someone. If you see this as simple, I would like to know how , because to me it seems exteremly complicated. What's your advice on this?

    • Buddy you are finding it complicated cause you are feeling and not thinking or to put it in simpler terms, thinking with your feeling heart.

      She likes you and doesn't want you hurt which is why she's doing what she is for you. It hurts her to see you hurt but again the way you feel (for her) & your actions or inactions are troubling her and someday to such an extent maybe that she'll walk away and u'll go beserk.

      Get a hold of yourself & think with your head on shoulders. be logical & get over it

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