Am I the rebound girl?

So he officially broke up with his girlfriend on new years. I didn't even know that they were still going out because he & I have been talking since before he just using me to get over his girlfriend?? =/

He dated her for about a year...then I guess she moved to Wyoming...they fought alot, and he said that he doubted that they would get back together even if she moved back home... he is completely chasing me.......



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  • Do you know how long he's been dating her? He could just be bored in his relationship at the moment. He may "get you" then later decide you aren't for him and then try to get back with his ex. Or he may decide he isn't ready for another relationship. Take it slooooowly. Don't get hooked to fast.


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  • Probably not. Sounds like he found you more interesting and decided to go for you and leave her.