Did it take you a long time to want to date again after breaking up with your first sex partner?

It's taking me more than 2 years. We weren't even together that long. I just haven't met anyone I click very well with, but I'm starting to feel like a loser.


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  • Everybody is different and I feel you shouldn't just settle for anything.Their has to be chemistry and a connection. Maybe your not meeting the right guys. Timing is everything.

    • Maybe so.

    • Yeah also don't give up hope just keep trying. I'm kind of in the same situation. But I'm not giving up yet.

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  • Well damn. are you very picky? I was ready to date afyer my first sex partner in a blink.

    • I don't know for sure if I am picky. I don't want to date anyone shorter than me...The thing is, I'm really not sure what I'm looking for. I live 20 min outside NYC but I am isolated from a lot of young people. It's really hard where I live to meet young men.

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    • Ugh, we didn't have a lot in common. Some taste in music brought us together but everything else was horrible. sex was horrible. His sense of humor was awful. My cousin also dated an older guy (same age difference as my case) and she felt the guy was behaving like her father telling her what to eat, how to behave... not good examples. A compatible sense of humor and some common interests is all it takes me to keep on talking for a lifetime.

    • "His sense of humor was awful" lol. I have gotten father like behavior coming out of men in my age range though, which I find disrespectful.

      I guess that's what I will look out for - common interests...thanks for the stories.