How do guys like to be kissed?

I haven't been in a relationship for about 2 years. Obviously I have kissed guys on parties and stuff like that, but it was always a "one-night-thing" and I never actually bothered to ask them if I was a good kisser.

So now I am very interested in this one guy and I really want to get with him.. But I am slightly nervous about kissing guys after my best mate (a guy obviously) told me that he decided not to go on a 2nd date with a girl because she was not a good kisser!

So guys: how do you liked to be kissed and what turns you on when you're kissing?

Girls: what did your boyfriends or just boys you kissed said about what they liked when you kissed them?


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  • The little gestures that accompany the kiss usually get them. Lightly brushing your fingers over his ribs/back/arms/shoulders/neck/face/etc. Slow kisses that end with a seductively slow parting of your lips from his, which just invites another kiss.

    Don't chew/lick his lip off. It can make him anxious wondering what you're going to do to the rest of his junk. (Yikes.) Try small flecks with your tongue/gentle knicks with your teeth on his bottom lip. Moan/sigh a little and/or lean in when you like something he's doing so he knows he's doing something right.

    It sounds formulaic, I know, but once you get accustomed to kissing properly it becomes second nature. A guy asked me where I learned to do something particular the other day and I just shrugged and told him he brought it out of me. Totally true, since your body naturally learns to respond to what you like...


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  • I like it subtle, Like move in quick for the move, and slowly approach once your in my bubble

    This may also just be me, but I like when the girl feels up my back~

    simple really

  • I like it nice, tasty, moist, and sweet. None of that sucker fish sh*t. lol

  • A simple kiss on the cheek would do.


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