1 Year Anniversary Gift for Girlfriend?

My one year anniversary is coming up with my girlfriend. I'm 32, she's 29. She's a vegetarian, likes art, wine, and stuff like that.

We went on a trip last month for another occasion and just before that stayed overnight for a friend's wedding, so traveling is out. We have similar musical tastes, but there aren't any concerts or shows coming up in our area that we'd like. I've already done art supplies as a gift. I was thinking champagne flutes and a bottle of champagne as a gift, but she already has a lot of wine glasses, a wine rack, etc.

And I tried to think of something within the scope to our first date, which was a dinner date, but we have dinner reservations anyway, so I have to do something beyond that. We are spending the weekend together, but we do that every weekend.

Last resort if a massage gift card. Any suggestions?


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  • First off, kudos for giving this so much thought... you're onto a good start already!

    So, you say she's got champagne flutes already... What if you bought a pair of them and got them engraved the base with her initials? There's a store called Things Remembered. They'll engrave anything. There are endless options with this: picture frames, necklaces, etc. Let me know what you think. Good luck!

    Here is the website: link


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  • Try to think about the little things she mentioned that you might not have paid attention to at the time. Try to think of something that will have sentimental value to her. Try to think of what she likes what she believes in. Think of how you guys met and see if you can do anything there. Whatever you do just be a gentleman treat her right, make her feel special and loved and be respectful. Be yourself there must be something there right that's why she feel in love with you =). Good luck!.

    • The little things she has mentioned don't really lend themselves well to gifts. For example, she lost her wine aerator and I remember her telling me she had no idea what she did with it. That just strikes me as an odd gift. We met on a dating site, so there's not much I can do with that. As for sentimental value, I wish I could think of something...

    • oh we'll just keep thinking am sure you'll come up with something

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