1 Year Anniversary Gift for Girlfriend?

My one year anniversary is coming up with my girlfriend. I'm 32, she's 29. She's a vegetarian, likes art, wine, and stuff like that.

We went on a trip last month for another occasion and just before that stayed overnight for a friend's wedding, so traveling is out. We have similar musical tastes, but there aren't any concerts or shows coming up in our area that we'd like. I've already done art supplies as a gift. I was thinking champagne flutes and a bottle of champagne as a gift, but she already has a lot of wine glasses, a wine rack, etc.

And I tried to think of something within the scope to our first date, which was a dinner date, but we have dinner reservations anyway, so I have to do something beyond that. We are spending the weekend together, but we do that every weekend.

Last resort if a massage gift card. Any suggestions?
1 Year Anniversary Gift for Girlfriend?
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