Does this count as a date?

I invited the guy to get hot chocolate with me before I catch my flight in the morning. He says that it was too early. Texts me again an hour later inviting me to breakfast instead an hour earlier than I was going to get hot chocolate and then pays for it all when I try to pay my share. That makes it a date right?

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  • Yes, wasn't much of a meeting but if the guy pays, by definition it's a date!

    This is why I gave up dating in my teens! In this day and age, relating to girls by paying for them?

    • I don't like it either because it makes all girls into hookers because a guy is taught he has to spend x amount of money to receive sexual favors from said girl.

      He's really into the whole concept of chivalry and being a gentleman, he always holds the door open for girls and makes sure he is walking on the side closest to the cars ect.

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    • Dating has rules, this is the main one, actually!

    • Well I don't get them. I'm not one who's big on following society's expectations of me.

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  • i voted yes but I'd also add its only really a date if each of you agree to such a thing . you sometimes get situations where one person is trying to fool the other into a date without there knowledge or actually asking them

    • Would that count then in this situation since I was asking him first to get to know him better but then he invited me to something else and paid?

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