Why has my ex become so hateful towards me?

There was a girl at my church back home, had us introduced June 19, 2011. I thought she was a gift from god. I had been so focused on school and other activities, I would never have known she liked me had she not spoken up. We dated for 3-4 months, but She was talking to a few males who claimed to be friends of mine when I went to go pick her up. I was not aware of this, and she wound up leaving me for one of those douche bags. The guy individually is a complete ass, and is two-faced, telling you what you want to hear to your face. Since she started talking to him, October of last year, she's been bitter and hateful to me. She's accused me of numerous things (assuming I'm guilty, never confronting me, it's all over twitter or a text). She'll never talk about things in person, basically thrown me under the bus. I've always treated her and talked to her like a gentleman. She didn't give me a fair chance to date her, which frustrates me. This past weekend, I more or less stopped biting my tongue and told her off on twitter. It wasn't as detailed as I would have liked but I finally said what I had to say. I genuinely care for this girl, but I don't understand why I'm not even an afterthought and she's caught up in the slapd***. He was "with her" for barely 5 weeks and left. That was the lowest point I've ever been, but I don't understand this girl. She'll be 20 at the end of the month but it's always something with her. What did I do or not do for her to be so hateful towards me? I'm not even wanting to argue or be mean but she brings a lot of it on herself and she never wants to talk about things in person


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  • She's holding a grudge for sure I'd find away to keep a distance from her,


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