What should I do about this particular guy?

Here's what happened.

Found this guy online, one of those free dating sites.

Found out we want the same things to date or have a relationship.

He asks for my number and I give it and he said he would call.

He asks when I'm free and we talk on the phone for over an hr. Turns out we went to the same college, asked him questions about it sounded pretty legitimate. Told him to text the next day.

He responds late at night around 9 or 10 that he's busy and he'll call me tmrw.

Next day he msgs in the evening saying if I'm free I wasn't, but to call another day.

I call him 2 days later, he talks for 5 min and is like he's going to meet a friend and he'll call later. Didn't but msged me like super late a night saying he'll call tmrw.

Then he msgs like around 11ish to call that day, but I was busy saying I'll call him tmrw.

I call him the next day and he talks for like 5 min and says he's out on transit and going to hang with his buddies and he'll call back.

Not interested right?

I'm just very sensitive don't really have guys like me, or date. Wondering if I should just give up lol like this guy from online doesn't even want me.


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  • Probably if he keeps flaking on you.