Double date or reading too much into it?

I'm friends with this guy who I occasionally hang out with. He's very flirty in texts sometimes, which I don't respond flirty back to. He's one of those guys who would go out with any girl he's friends with. I try to make it clear I don't see him in any other way, but I have no idea if he actually gets it.

Anyway, he texted me and asked if I wanted to hang out on Sunday, so I said yes. He said he wanted to have lunch and maybe see a movie and then said "oh and bring a friend so I can bring Brian along" (Brian's his best friend I barely know)

I said okay because I figured he meant, because I don't know his friend Brian that well I might want to bring someone else I do know. Then I got to thinking about it again and I'm wondering if he's trying to make this a date and a double date. I DO NOT want to date him! In fact, when he said bring a friend, at first I was thinking of bringing my gay guy friend. lol

Am I reading too much into it or is he asking me on at date and having me bring a friend to make it a double date?

Idk why it put this in Sexuality category, I chose Flirting category.


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  • I think your reading to much into it. It's only a double date if his guy friend brings a girl. But he didn't mention that. So I'm assuming maybe he brought his friend so that way it doesn't seem like a date between you him. And he should understand if you don't want to date him. If you made that point clear then he should understand.


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