Should I let him know I'm interested? Or allow him to chase me?

A guy I've known for 2 years is recently single. He contacted me out of the blue and then began texting me aggressively. He is very interested in spending time alone with me and we've been out on a few dates. He hasn't texted me for 5 days now. Is he waiting for me to initiate communication? So far its really just been him initiating it but I've definitely responded and have shown interest. But I don't know if I should just let him come to me or pursue him?


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  • he is already pursuing you..give him the chance to prove if he is worth it..just take things slowly..know him more

  • seriously are you asking this, if you play games and let him chase you, he might lose interest in you and start going after someone else who isn't so hard to get

    try contacting him see what he's up to


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