After the first date ?

Ok, went out with this awesome girl on a Wednesday and at the end of the date, I told her that I like her and I am being honest and I am not here to play games. I dropped her @ home and before I got into my car, I told her 'you are hard to read' and she texts me as I am about to leave saying " I had a really good time too and would definitely like to do it again sometime soon, sleep well". I replied to the text after 12 hrs, saying the same and would like to do it again soon. She was actually having surgery the next day, so I had mentioned prior to that about keeping me posted about the surgery. She messaged on Surgery night (i.e) after the surgery saying this "I am alive". I replied with "Great and how do you feel and a stupid soccer joke". This was on Thursday for which there was no reply. Then, I gave her a call on Sunday @ around 12 noon and just as I thought, it went to her voice mail. She'd mentioned she was having a girl night with her mom over the weekend, so I just mentioned that and asked about the surgery and said bye. Didn't get a return call all day Sunday, and then on Monday afternoon, I saw her in gchat. Pinged her saying what's up but she never replied but she was online for a while before she went offline. We had met online and wrote back and forth and when we hadn't met and I pinged her, she used to talk but for the first time today, she didn't reply. I am confused, I like her a lot. I still haven't asked her out on a second date yet, should I send her an email asking her out considering she still hasn't returned my call or should I just give up ? but I really like her :(


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  • she might have a good reason to not returning your calls, you should call once more and leave a voice mail or if she answers tell you'd like to take her out again but not say when or where just tell her to call you back. if she does not get back to you in 3 days she is not interested and sorry. don't email or pinged her on any social networking system during the 3 days even if she is online. you don't want to come offf as needy after the first date. if you have anymore questions just comment me.


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