He says he likes you, but he did not know how to tell you and he would like to date you.

What would you do and what would you feel in this situation?

You are studying with a guy, who you barely know for 2 years. You were on some parties but you Haven't talked to each other, just said hi. You see him practically every day in class and you cannot see if he likes you or not.

But suddenly, one day, after the class he waits till you are alone and talks to you. He says he likes you, but he did not know how to tell you and he would like to date you.

How would you react? How would you feel in this situation?


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  • That would depend entirely on the guy.

    In being entirely honest, I may come off as a bitch in this answer, but I'm assuming it's honesty you want. And honestly, there are so many other factors that would come into play.

    You say I've been in school with the guy for two years, but don't really know him that well. Why not? Do we run in different social circles? Do we have nothing in common? Is he really awkward and shy? If the answer is yes to any of those questions, I personally would probably politely decline.

    If the guy is one of those super popular, jock types, I'd be surprised as hell, assume he was making fun of me, and try to make a joke of it and then proceed to ignore him forever. I'm a shy person, was picking on a lot in middle school, and for the most part ignored in high school because at the most, I'd managed to earn my peers' respect. But still, I had a group of five or six friends at the most, and guys approaching me romantically was a no-go.

    If the guy was the silent type, not shy or insecure, but artistic, dark, and quiet, I would probably be very intrigued. If I'd been going to school with a guy like this, I probably would have noticed him already. Probably never would have talked to him myself, but would be grateful and interested if he had.

    If he's super conservative, a redneck, or any other type of flamboyant, extreme stereotype, I'd say no. I can't deal with extremes. I need some give and take.

    Is he extremely unattractive? This is the thing most people will bash me for. But people are looking for their physical equal most of the time. A really attractive girl isn't going to want to date someone who looks a lot worse. Now, I'm not being a shallow bitch; it works the other way as well. And quite frankly, it works more often the other way. Guys, I find, have it easier finding attractive girls no matter what they look like than ugly girls do finding attractive guys.

    Soooo, it really depends, on a million things. So this answer probably didn't help. :/

    But perhaps it gave you something to think about?

    • Thanks for you answer. To answer some of your questions. You don't know that guy very well, because you are attending same classes but there are many people and there is not so much time to talk during university classes. Well, you definitely have one common thing and that's the major you are studying. Perhaps you have some things in common, but you are not sure.

      He is not awkward and shy. Maybe a little when he talks to you. He is comfortable with people he knows.

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    • Thanks. You actually helped me with your comment!

    • No problem. :)

  • I would probably be shy towards him, but I'd try to be friendly and talk. I'm not sure how I'd take the news... If it was a guy I'd been crushing on then I'd be SUPER shy... and probably wouldn't respond much...

    Its strange like that, if someone who I am not interested in came to me I wouldn't care or react much, might brush them off, or whatever. But if it is someone I really like I'd probably do somthing rash, and brush them off without meaning to...then regret it later


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