He was honest, what should I make of it?

So after about two months a guy I had been talking to asked me on a date.. Movies, dinner, and a walk.. Now keep in mind that before this date two month before he bursted out on me saying he didn't like hanging out with me, he didn't enjoy our convos and that he didn't see himself with me. So we stopped talking. A week later he text me and we slowly started to talk again.

Yesterday on our date this sour subject came up , highlight of the convo for me was he said he didn't always enjoy hanging out with me because I can be I forgot what word he used but pretty much fun. But he was happy to see me. Then through out the night he would get my face and look into my eyes.. Smile seemed as if he were trying to read my mind and say nothing. I thought bout it and wonder what this gazing into my eyes means?

On our drive home we talked and he said you should have my kid and I have him the weekends.. I was like are you serious?! He said I am 85% serious wtf? I didn't know what to think on that one.. So guys I need your opinion your thoughts and advise on this one thanks


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  • He wants to get you preggo and you two share the visits? IS that what you just said? (I sure hope I am wrong).

    If I am not wrong, I think he is crazy and you need to move on real fast.

  • He is a bitch. Insults you and wants to have your kids?He's going to be running right after you get pregnant. So, no and break up with him.


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