If the girl you're seeing accuses you of something, would you be offended?

- he just broke up with his girlfriend, a month prior before we started hanging out. At some point I guess I was sort of reading to much into the situation and felt he was just using me to get over his girlfriend. So I accused him and told him to just delete me off his phone. But I don't think that was the case. He stopped talking to me, it went from everyday seeing and texting each other, to no texts basically no communication. Was that a bad move on my part to accusing him?


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  • Yes, it was a bad move. Unless he was treating you so poorly that you thought he was using you as a rebound, you had no right to act that way. According to your own words, he was talking with you daily. It sounds like he was interested to me, otherwise he wouldn't have given you so much of his time chatting.

    You made a mistake.

    You should apologize to him and tell him the truth. Tell him you didn't want to feel like a rebound girl and you were worried it might turn out that way, but that you were wrong. If he accepts, great for you. If he continues to ignore you, then you've learned your lesson for next time. Good luck either way!

    • Thank you for your Input. I defiantly shouldn't of jumped to that. Do you think asking him if we could talk in person is a good idea..

    • Yes, in person is ideal, as he can hopefully see your facial expressions and understand that you are remorseful for jumping the gun. Also, it seems like you're more serious than sending a text, as that isn't much of an apology.

  • If you had no proof yes. It is one things to have concerns and talk rationally about them, it is another to accuse. I am not sure what you can do with him. You can try to apologize, but he may have already moved on. Going forward it is a lesson learned.

    i am sorry.

    • Ugh do guys really take that bad... He must be really hurt or mad ? I hope he let's me explain if he doesn't it's hiss loss to

    • I woudl hope he would give you the chance to apologize, but yes most people to accusations very rough.

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