Boys? Parties?

I like this one guy. And I'm having a party in a month. So I was wondering if there was any cute moves I could signal that I want a kiss. Or at least go somewhere by ourselves.

ps. he is very very shy, and put on the "good quite guy" act


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What Guys Said 1

  • At your party make a lot of eye contact with him, make sure he is interested. Then definitly make physical contact, for instance dancing with him if there is music, being his beer pong partner, leaning against him, just pretty much touching him.

    As far as somewhere to go...balcony idea isn't bad, how about your bedroom? or outside?


What Girls Said 1

  • take him to like a balcony that will be secluded...or some secluded area (not a bedroom unless you want to give him that impression). I guess your front porch could work. you guys can just talk a little and say something endearing and like kinda brush your hand against his to finally hold hands and then just lean in. he'll hopefully take the bait =).