What do I do now? (next step)

So about 3 weeks ago, I confessed my feelings to my crush, and found out that she also like me. After that, we kind of talked a bit, and then a week ago we decided to go to a cafe after school with two other friends. But everybody somehow found out, and that day the four of us left the school, and about 3 other people came with us..uninvited. We got to the cafe and got some food and talked, and even more people came to the cafe.

The 'date' was pretty much blown, and it was kind of awkward with all of my friends and her friends around us.

Now, at school it's kind of awkward between us, and I don't know what to do now. I was planning to ask her to go to starbucks and then hang out at the park this weekend, but where I live, the weather is sh*t, and it's raining.

So what should I do now? Also, where else could I take her? I feel that we haven't been on a real date yet, but we don't know too much about each other yet, so should I get to know her better first, and then a date, or just go straight for the date?


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  • Ask her to a movie and meet up like a hour or so before the movie starts so you guys can talk. Then afterward go grab something to eat. Nice and simple


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