Grabbin but while cuddling or kissing

My girlfriend has a big but so I want to grab it while were together. I don't want sex though I just want to touch it and feel close to her. I don't believe in sex at this age since sex complicates relationships. Is it okay. How long should you wait in a relationship till you do it.She's my 1st one. I'm not sure if I should be more aggressive in the relationship and be a man or ask for her permission and be a gentleman.

She's my 1st girlfriend help me guys


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  • m8 sex does not complicate a relationship, not having sex will make her leave you... unless she's the sex after marriage type. As for grabbing her ass DO NOT ASK. Ease into it, start with your hand on her back move to the lower back and on the upper ass but don't grab. As she gets more comfortable with it you can get creative.