Non awkward first date ideas?

Hey so I really like this guy that I've known for a year. We go to school together and always have fun talking to each other, he has t really made any moves on me so I'm not totally sure if he likes me or not :/ I really hope so! But anyways I just asked him if he wants to hang out after school on Monday and way wondering what some fu. Things to do would be, I don't know if its really a date so I don't want it to be awkward, I was thinking maybe getting coffee but I don't know if that's fun enough, what do you guys think? It needs to be kind of age appropriate too, I just turned 17 and he is 15 so there is a little bit of a age difference! Give me your best ideas From boys and girls, I need to know what's fun for the guys too!


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  • It might be a good idea to put him in the position to lead instead of choosing what to do yourself. Tell him you have no idea what he would like to do or something. If you take the lead now, unless he has had dating experience before, he might find it difficult to take the lead later on. But if you grab his crotch, you have found is heart, I'll tell you that.


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  • grab his crotch and look him in the eyes while you do it. that's such a turn on.

  • sex


    • glad I could help ;)

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