Should I break the ice with a girl I dated a few times recently?

I used to date this girl a couple of months ago. It didn't last long, not because of lack of attraction or interest on both sides, but of distance. She said it all herself, although she knew it was temporary to a few months.

These days I live nearby her and I'm almost certain she knows this.

No contact has been made ever since I got back 2 months ago.

Obviously, I didn't lose interest, and want to break the ice with her.

I can only assume she has lost her interest in me, but how can I be sure this is indeed the case?

Presumably she is interested and afraid to make a first contact move, how should I initiate it?

Any girls tips will be much appreciated.


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  • She could think you lost interest in her since you haven't contacted her yet. Maybe she forgot when you moved back or when you were around. Girls don't have everything in their minds you know ;)

    Just text her to let her know you're back in her neighbourhood and you should meet up sometime, see what she says :)


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