Should I give him another chance?

I was casually dating this guy for about a month and then he suddenly just stopped talking to me and dropped off the face of the earth. I tried contacting him at first but when I noticed that he wasn't responding I just left him alone and started to move on. It felt almost like a breakup even though we were not exclusive. Now three weeks after he did that, he's contacting me again and acting like he didn't do anything. When I asked him what the hell happened he just brushed it off and said that he was busy with school. So basically he just wants to pick up where we left off as if nothing happened.. I have a problem with that because he could have at least let me know what was up those three weeks.. I feel like he doesn't really value me.. He recently went through a breakup just two weeks before we started dating so I'm thinking that our relationship is somewhat of a rebound thing for him.. What should I do? Does he deserve another chance? Or is he just messing with me?


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  • No, you shouldn't. Plenty of guys out here who didn't summarily dump you without explanation.


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  • No, men are stupid and should die.


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