Pissed at my now ex boyfriend. did I deserve to be dumped?

we weren't even together that long less than two months. I got upset with him because he blew me off the weekend. I wasn't rude. Just said it made me think he didn't care he apologized said he was sorry we made up. He said I miss you, and I care about you.

Next day I found out he blocked me on Facebook, texted me to dump me saying he was moving out of the country even though that's a lie- he has school coming up -_-

I'm happy I'm rid of him or he got out my way. I never answered his dumping text message. we were long distance anyway.

Did I deserve this somehow?

Basically he said moving out of the country the distance won't worry between us.


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  • This was going to happen anyway, so your getting angry gave him an excuse that he was looking for anyway. He'd have 'moved out of the country' even if you hadn't made him apologize.

    • is it my fault though

    • i didn't force him to apologize

    • No, of course it's not yur fault. He was already halfway gone.

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  • Long distance relationships are very hard to do. I honestly feel that he was looking for a reason to break it off. I would not be surprised if he was looking into other people while he was with you.

    • no they totally are I agree. I think so to. He recently got over an ex.. I'm guesing he trying to get back with her. I got my friend to creep his profile.. still said single. What reason did I give him.. getting upset he blew me off. He just said distance and he was moviing he made up a reason when I know its a lie.

  • i don't know .. but to be honest I don't like girls that gets angry easily or gets angry about things that just happens because after all am so calm and laid back

    • i wasn't rude. really I wasnt. I wasn't even pissed. when I talked to him. Relationships aren't smooth all the time. I think if someone can't take it when someone is upset with them, and work through it then they just want a realtionship with a bunch of smiles.

      We have the weekend planned weeks in advanced he cancelled the next day saying he had work I was fine with that all :) :) we planned for Monday then the Sunday night he said he forgot he has a dinner to go to.. which got me upset.

    • i agree with you that relationships are not just a bunch of smiles but you said that you got upset .. maybe he felt less appreciated because his work might have been very important .. my point is whatever happens in a relation I think that discussing it is way better than fighting over it

    • we didn't fight. I said have a good dinner with a smile:) but he knew I was mad cause it was last minute. I understand where you are coming from. It wasn't a blow out. We talked about it afterward I said I wasn't mad, and we discussed what both of us should have done. We made up he was all I miss you to baby. but the next day I'm blocked and he lied sayign he was "moving" that isn't right is it?

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  • if he blew you off at the weekend sounds like the end was a nigh anyway ...

    you probably got angry because you were sensing he was losing interest...

    you merely gave him an excuse to end it in one blow

    • is it my fault though.

    • No it isn't that's exactly what I'm saying. If he was losing interest then he doesn't adore you for who you are and you should be with someone who wants to be with you for who you are. You shouldn't have to act a certain way etc.

      I think things were about to end anyway. A guy that's interested doesn't blow his new girlfriend off at the weekend. He probably met someone else he was more interested in I bet

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