Is the term creep harming the dating world?

I was thinking the other day and I got to thinking that the term creep may being harming the dating world. A lot of men who are not creeps are afraid of being labeled creeps. I went on a date with a girl and asked "What do you look for in a guy?" apparently that was creepy now I am labeled a creep by some at my uni. Now of course there are creeps but is that term being used to loosely now? Is it bad for the dating world?


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  • The term creep is harming the world period.

    One of my buddies is an intelligent, chatty guy. Real nice too. He speaks without an ulterior motive, as in... he says what he means so don't bother assuming otherwise.

    When I observe girl's reactions when he converses with them at parties it fumes me. They are so rude and uptight and treat him like unwanted garbage. Like a creep! When he says something within the context of the conversation they shut him down with "yeah -looks down- -looks away". The guy isn't asking for sex, he's just being himself. Then the same girls become free spirited butterflies when he leaves the area. (He's not great looking so that's what I know those girls are thinking by being so stand-offish)


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  • I do think that most girls use that term loosely. Actually... now that I think about it, girls use a lot of words loosely and tend to label people second that they meet them.

    Anyway, I can't say that I haven't used that word. But I only use that term to label someone if they are REALLY making me uncomfortable like a 50 some year old man trying to get naked pictures of me or a guy who guy who can't take "no" for an answer so he'll go and internet stalk me using different aliases. But not for something like asking, "What do you look for in a guy?" I never call a guy a creep just because of his looks :/ that's awfully shallow.

    • Next date I am gong to try and not be super self conscious about what I say event though it will be in the back of my mind "don't say the wrong thing."

    • yea... if a girl ends up calling you a creep for something like that, she's not the type of girl you would want to date anyway

  • Labelling you a creep for that is definitely an overuse of the word, but I think that it is in many ways a useful word in the dating world, at least from the girls perspective. I mean let's be honest, girls are a lot more vulnerable when it comes to dating. I remember reading this article where a survey had found that mens biggest fear to do with dating is getting rejected, while a woman's is getting raped and murdered. That tells you a lot. There are some guys who just make you feel incredibly uncomfortable and you may not label them a creep precisely on their actions, but simply the way they do things (innuendoes, creepy eye contact or mannerisms) that cause your instincts to tell you that they have ulterior motives. Maybe in your case she was mistaken, but ultimately as my cousin who's a police officer told me, most cases occur when you go against your natural instincts, so really you can't blame girls for trying to keep themselves and others safe.

    • if women chose the guys that were the nice guys, they wouldn't have to be so worried about being raped and murdered. I might even be able to spread this to the specifically nice guys who are labeled creep. For example, the QA is not getting that date and some other guy is possibly raping and abusing that girl now.

  • Personally, I only use the word "creepy" if a guy genuinely scares me, and the fact that some girls are using it to describe guys they're just not interested in is frustrating.


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  • You're right, many guys ARE creeps but girls are using this term way too loosely. I know, for a fact, that 80% of girls don't even have a clue what it means. "Creep" - Causing fear or unease. Maybe girls are very easily frightened nowadays since they're used to talking to people via 'Facebook'? Perhaps, it makes them uneasy when asked questions that involvea opinion or an exchange of ideas?

  • People will try to control you by throwing out labels that trigger you to do what they want.






    Stop listening to what other people say and start trusting your own judgement. And seriously, you think your whole university has nothing better to do then run around discussing you and whether you asked question oddly on a date?

    • Regarding the last sentence...imagine if the girl is in a sorority. The answer is YES, word will get around and they do have nothing better to do.

      (in their minds)

    • Any girl that labels every third guy a creep, nobody but the guys in question cares. Since to her 3/4 of men are creeps its not a noteworthy event.

  • A very informative blog post on the issue: link

    To paraphrase, women abuse the term to accuse men they're not attracted to, for whatever reason, of making them feel unsafe. Shaming language.

    It's a problem because it's an exaggeration that can unfairly harm a man's reputation and good standing in his community.

    Another major component of the problem is that women who falsely accuse men of anything very rarely get their comeuppance. "I just felt unsafe" seems to always get a free pass. Therefore, a man who gets called "creepy" has no means to defend himself.

    • Every women needs to read this blog post every day for at least a month in the morning before they go anywhere or talk to any guys!

  • It truly is. I get the impression women are too closed-minded and start throwing around terms without realizing what they mean and why they are labelling a guy that way. It really does discourage guys from approaching.

  • Dating et al is more harmful to the romantic world than creep is to the dating world.

  • YYESS. I had a question about this months ago.

    Girls misuse this word 95% of the time. Often they use it to explain to their friends why they didn't like a guy, when they really just were not attracted to them.

  • Yes. The same goes for the word slut.

    • Yes, slut is thrown around needlessly and gets slapped on the wrong girls too many times.

    • Slut is used in a different way.

      Slut is used on a girls that put out to too many guys. Or they dress in a way to make it seem like that, when it is not true.

      But when a girl is a slot, that is not a term guys often use to say they don't want to sleep with a girl.

      In fact...a guy might sleep with a girl and say something more along the lines of.

      "yeah, we had sex, but she is a slut so I made sure to use a condom"

      Different hurt, worse? make it a GAG question