Can you learn to like someone you weren't interested in from the beginning?

I have a crush on these 2 people and to be honest, it's obvious that they don't really see me that way as of now just from my observation. It sucks balls, really.

The first guy though, I've been texting for probably 3 weeks. And lately he's been the one texting me first with a 'good afternoon' or what-not.

And the second guy I just started talking to but I feel like I've known him in forever just 'cuz we get along really, really well. This ones a bit more complicated because his friend had feelings for me.

But I was just wondering if I should even get my hopes up anymore. :/ It's kinda obvious that right now they don't like me like I like them because I've given them a f*** ton of opportunities to take it further if they wanted to, but they just don't. I'm thinking that maybe if I keep talking to them then eventually at least one might learn to see me like that.

Idk is that even possible? Have you guys experienced that? Because personally I've never been able to develop feelings for someone if I never saw them in that way from the start, it's either I was interested from the beginning or never at all.


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  • Keep in mind for the second guy, if he knows his friend likes you, then he may not be pursuing because he wants his friend to have a shot.

    Also, you don't know how they see you. All you know is how they act towards you, which can be an indicator, but it doesn't tell the whole story.

    For instance, the first seems to be moving towards opening up more. It's possible he's just moving really, really slowly. It's also possible that they don't really know you're interested.

    Just because you give signs that you think are obvious, doesn't mean that they will get it.

    Sometimes even being flirty doesn't matter if they think you are just being flirty. If they guys in question are more low-key or don't have much experience dating, then what you might think of opportunities might not even register to them.

    As to your question. Yes, it is possible to develop and interest in someone after you've known them for awhile. Sometimes you learn something about someone that completely changes how you see them.

    For instance, one might think that a girl is just a party girl and then you might learn that they are heavily involved a charity that you care about and suddenly you see that there is more there then you thought there was and you want to find out more about them.


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  • Well there has to be some chemistry or attraction you feel from the get go.