Is it just me, or does it seem like girls can get away with dating guys who are below their league?

Girls can get away with dating guys who are below their league, but you never see a really attractive guy with a mediocre or average looking girl? Maybe since I'm a girl this is totally biased, but if you saw a really beautiful girl with a decent looking guy, would wouldn't think twice, but if it's the other way around it catches you by surprise? What are your thoughts?


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  • There's two reasons for that:

    1. Really hot guys know they are really hot. They also know that a lot of girls would do anything to hook up with them. These hot guys take advantage of that. Studies have shown that very attractive men have a LOT of sexual partners. Good looking guys are known players for the most part. There's a few of them who are okay with monogamy, but most guys that have access to lots of sex with attractive women will take that over just one woman.

    2. Really hot men don't have to go for average women because they are desirable. Women of all attractiveness levels know that average to slightly above average is the sweet spot in terms of male looks. The hotter the guy is, the more options he has. The more options he has, the less likely he is to commit instead of sleeping around. An overwhelming majority of girls don't want to sleep around, so they default back to average looking guys. Even the pretty girls know that average looking guys make the best boyfriends, which is why you don't see the hot guy/average girl pairing.


    If a guy is hot, he's going to bang a lot of chicks and not be interested in relationship 9 times out of 10. If he wants a relationship, it has to be a super hot girl that will tie him down.

    If a girl is hot, she has more options, but she's likely to want a relationship, just like average girls. She'll go for an average looking guy, because he's more likely to commit.

    • This actually has a lot of logic in it, thanks for the input.

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    • yeah I didn't think of that explanation but it makes sense. I do know some attractive men though who don't like to be promiscuous and one of them married to a woman I think not as attractive as him. They happen to be exceptions and are really gentlemen like

    • Good for her. She got lucky, but as you said, she is truly an exception to the rule to find him. Most hot guys aren't huge fans of monogamous long-term relationships.

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  • i can see that as well. I wish girls valued looks more sometimes. It's easier to know what they want then I feel like. And I could know if I look good or not as opposed to having it not matter

  • I've seen guys who obviously look better than I do for sure and a lot younger to who were with girls in the looks department who weren't all that. How better to notice when the dream girl I'm eyeballing is eyeballing HIM! lol


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  • I've seen really gorgeous men with below average girls many times.

    • Interesting, maybe it's something in the water here because I can't think of one instance besides cheesy Hollywood movies that are unrealistic.

    • I live in Greenwich, CT and I can't even tell you how many times I see these beautiful men with average or below average looking girls. I think it's mostly about the girls' confidence.

  • it's very true, you are more likely to see a couple where the girl is more attractive than the guy or you say "wow she is hot for him" compared to a guy with a less attractive girl.

    i think it makes sense because overall guys are more visual and stimulated by physical and looks. with girls it takes more emotion and mental connection. also it seems guys will definitely appreciate having a pretty girlfriend.

    i prefer a guy who is not gorgeous as long as I feel into him, which is not all about looks.

    my friends always tease me that I have "bad" taste. example the last guy I dated was older than me. I have a young look and he has an older look, so combined with him being older we looked far apart in age. I thought he was attractive but my friends didn't for whatever reasons although a lot of them think if he looked or was younger he would be more attractive. (he wasn't that old he just was older and had an old look for his age)

    my friends said I looked really hot for him as in out of his league! I was surprised, I didn't think that, but I didn't even care because I liked him for him and I felt super hot for and turned on by him and that's all that mattered to me. besides anything we did together was amazing. even the kissing got me so aroused. sparks flew between us.

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