Why doesn't he just stop texting me, he owes me nothing!?

I have to ask ! he is so random. We had our fling .. don't talk to months and I do NOT text him first.. he always texts me and says how are you doing.. I text back, always nice, and then he stops texting in the middle of texting so I stop and then months go by? what is the deal? we only did it once!?


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  • He's just keeping you a string. People do this all the time. Maybe he is just letting you know that he is still there in the case that you might want to just "do it" again.

    • He moved to south and I'm north 15hr difference ... does that not even make a difference??? and we did it once.. and hung out after that.. slept in the same bed but never did it again.. I mean we have little history .. and he's a player big time so he has girls all the time.. (I found this out later)

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