How to get a guy back that you chased away?

This guy liked me and we went out and had a great time, he said he feels a connection with me. We have both liked each other for a while. He had a girlfriend of 3 years not too long ago. I started telling him how much I liked him and asking him to hang out, he never said no, he said "we will". He said he isn't ready to be serious and he sees me as a serious girlfriend, he said when he is ready to date I will be the first up know. He's a really good guy, he hasn't slept around or dated anyone since his break up. I like him a lot and I can tell he likes me too by the way he looks at me, and he's always getting my attention at work. I feel something around him that I don't feel anyone else, not even close. How do I get him to see I'm not pushy and get him to come back around?


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  • I don't understand how you chased him away? Nothing you're saying indicates that you chased him away. What he said was the truth, he's simply not ready and he'll tell you when he is. So keep showing interest but in moderation and wait if you care to.

    • Before he was texting me a lot and now he isn't at all but still shows interest in person. He used to avoid me at times, get red in the face when I was around, but then a half hour later he's talking to me like it never happened.

    • Ok but you didn't chase him away. He's just dealing with his own issues and moving on from a serious relationship. He actually needs that time and he's doing the right thing and respecting you by not dating you before he's ready.

    • Yea that's true, is it OK to wait then?

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  • its way better than being his rebound

  • Great question. Curious to see the feedback you get. :-)

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