How do I know if he liked kissing me?

I just had my first kiss ever and I think I maybe kind of sucked at it and my boyfriend hasn't said how he felt about it when I asked him and whether he liked it or not. How do I know if he liked it? We've dated for a little over 2 and a half years but over the past few months he's been gazing at my lips a lot and he even got me some lip balm too along with various other things for Christmas so he seems to have been wanting to kiss me for a while now. But the kiss just kind of happened and I don't know if he was really ready to kiss me or not when he kissed me. He's been busy working at his job so we haven't really seen each other or talked much since but I don't know if maybe he's avoiding me because I sucked at kissing or if he's just busy. He didn't even hug me when I hung out at his house a few nights back, he seemed like himself but he kind of kept his distance from me. And he always hugs me and kisses me on the cheek. He's never kissed anyone either before. Is there certain things guys like and don't like in a kiss? The kiss made me nervous but I liked it even though he was a little awkward at kissing too. But it bugs me not knowing if he liked it or not and if he thought I sucked at it. Does anyone know if he maybe liked it or do you think I sucked at it and freaked him out?


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  • Np just look at it like....why would he not like a kiss if he's never kissed before?

    If anything he would like it...I'm guessing he did. ha I know I did

  • If I was his first kiss too you should be fine. Cause that just means you both can just get better at it. The first couple times you kiss it's gonna be weird but then everything's all good and you'll be fine.

    • Thanks that's encouraging to know, I just wasn't sure if I freaked him out or what.

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