How can I get him to text me back!?

The guy that I was/am dating always takes ages texting me back...

We were seeing each other, going on dates etc for 4 months and we slept together a couple of times 2 weeks ago we kept hanging out and he confessed that he felt intimidated by me and that I was out of his league (these are his words not mine). However he always takes a day or two to reply to my texts and last thurs I said I would pop in if he was home? and I still have not received a reply.

For background... he is 20 and never been in a relationship and always has plans with the boys. His two older sisters also have never had relationships so I feel like his never had to remain in connect with anyone. But its not a case of him being a slut.

How can I get him to want to message me first and organize for us to hang out! And how do I get him to reply to me... I have not contacted him since last Thursday. I really like this guy and I know he likes me but I don't want to sound annoying I just want to be wanted! please help xxxx


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  • Looks like he's not that interested in you.

    You'd think "being out of his league" could be a compliment, but it could also be pejorative.

    • any advice to getting him reinterested - he was the one that was originally most interested

    • If he was the first one to be interested, now he had sex, maybe he got what he wanted ?

      It's hard to say, really. Besides offering him to do stuff together, I don't really know what you could do. Maybe have a serious talk with him, telling him you find it disrespectful that he ignores you each time for two days (hint : the only good reply he could make is "I'm sorry" and then he changes his behavior). Good luck, but be ready to break up if it doesn't satisfy you.

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