Do girls like to be held close on the couch, and how should I kiss her?

I'm 17 me and my girlfriend have been dating for 5 weeks and when we watch movies/ just sit on the couch we sit close, but it close enough to touch. Should I pull her over to cuddle? Her best friend told me that she wants me to kiss her, neither of us have ever kissed anyone before, I was planning on kissing her goodnight when I leave, how should I approach the kiss? How long should the first kiss last?


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  • If she was me, I'd love it if you totally took me by surprise by taking the initiative.

    Don't be rough with her. But be FIRM. Masculine. Make her feel small and desired. Tis the key, my friend.

    When you're on the couch, hold her. Wrap your arms around her. Pull her close to you. Rub her leg. Touch her. She wants you to and is afraid to make the first move. Girls often don't want to make the first move because they're either shy or don't want to come off as easy. Save the kiss for the end of the night.

    When you're walking her out to her car or to her door, turn her around, take her head in your hands, and kiss her. But you can't hesitate. You want to dominate her for a second, leave her completely breathless and taken away. Girls like that. At least, I do. :P Good luck!

    • Great advice!

      For my first kiss, the guy actually asked me "Do you want to kiss now?" It totally killed the moment.

    • Haha, I actually initiated the first kiss with my boyfriend. We were talking for a while, and we spent all day Labor Day just hanging out. He showed me around town and we really got into some deep conversations. By the end of the night, it was really intense, and we didn't want to say goodbye, so I stayed at his place. He wrapped up and kissed me on the forehead and just held me. I blurted, "Please kiss me" without thinking. He kissed me so hard, like he'd been dying for a chance to. I loved it.

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  • We love cuddles and we love being held tightly.

  • Hold her on your lap. Be aggressive. But tender at the same time. The first kiss should last several seconds.

    I think kissing her goodnight is a good approach.


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