Don't talk about dating during a date?

Sounds ironic, but I'm thinking that you should not talk about the dating process during the date.

By this I mean, talk about his/her dating life in detail, or talk about your dating life too much. It's bad to talk about your dating histories, at least in depth.

Because talking about dating is something friends (with no romantic tension) do, because there is no tension and it is therefore more comfortable. So if you get in the routine with someone of talking about both of your dating lives, it means you arent' dating (and just friends) or it means you are both heading to the friend zone.

Don't mention the fact that you two are dating in the date. Don't talk about going out on future dates in that date. Don't talk about where you both are, especially early on in the first few dates.

Do you think this is true?

Am I right or wrong?

I'll award best answer based on the answer that is most informative, not just one which one agrees with me the most.


Most Helpful Girl

  • it depends on the context.

    I you talked about a funny date you had with a girl that led to an exciting adventure then that's fine.

    IT doesn't matter the topic really (religion differences probably not the best one but you can do that as long as your positive and non judemental, but sometimes the other person will be about it.)

    The point about dating is you want to remain positive about the topics you bring up.

    Sometimes talking about dating will provide a nice transition to relationships and feelings of intimacy.

    In other words if your talking about ice cream in one second and then talking about sex the next its not good, but going from dating to sex is not AS big of a jump.

    Just keep it positive, upbeat, and fun.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Yeah I don't want to hear about other girls when I'm with him. and I don't want to be future planning while we're supposed to enjoy the moment. lets just enjoy the moment during the date

    • exactly! aplies to women too

  • I don't like to talk about dating history when I am on a date with someone. I just think it is poor form. I do think after a few dates though it is not a problem to talk about as long as the other person brings it up. I just feel like the past is in the past and if you are on a date with someone new than you shouldn't be talking about something that isn't anymore.


What Guys Said 1

  • I think people shouldn't push the issue of past relationships past dating experences I'm not sure. I guess it's OK if they ask about it first.

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