If a guy likes you, he will...

What will a guy do to show that he likes you? Shy/Bold (more experienced) guy opinions please.

Is there any way a guy could start to like you if you've been texting?

"If he likes you, he'll text you first." True or False or Depends


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  • It depends on the degree of how much he likes you. If he's really into you, a shy guy, like myself, will do everything in his power to hide it. We shy guys tend to wait till we're absolutely sure the girl is also into us before we'll make any move. Sometimes it's hard to hide though. But a bolder or more experienced guy will probably let you know in some way, whether its a compliment or a flirty joke or something. As for the guy starting to like you if you've been texting, I'll say this. If the guy is attracted to or interested in you in the first place, the texting will only increase that interest...unless you have some kind of insane/pschizophrenic personality that comes across through text. But if he's just interested as friends, and you text regularly, I don't see any reason how he could start to like you as he gets to know you better. "If he likes you, he'll text you first." I'd say this depends, because it seems like a double standard to me. They say if a girl is interested she'll text you first, but some women seem to want men to make the first move and text first. (SOOOO confusing to me!) As for guys, unless he's a really shy guy, he'll probably text you first. So, true I guess.


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  • not always true, bullsh*t assumptions


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  • - it's depends on the guy many times some won't make it obvious that they like you because they are shy and don't want to come out creepy or needy. Other could come on a bit strong and talk to you and let you know that they have a thing for you.But it usually starts with getting your number and taking it from there which is what you bring up about texting. If you talk to him enough and get to know him more and he does to you then it could lead to something I've seen it happen. In regards to the statement it depends he could like you but doesn't want to seem despite either.

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