Do you date just to date?

Do you date them just to go out with them because you like them?

Or will you only date people you would marry?

I have seen people say they would date the person but not marry them.

The question is why would you date some one if you won't marry them? The subject was brought up with a large group of people I know.

My teacher gave advise to never date someone you aren't willing to marry.

Sorry when I say date I mean boyfriend girlfriend.


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  • I'm all for dating just to date.

    And no, that doesn't make you a whore or a manwhore.

    1. You're just meeting the other person for the first or second time. And they just recently met you too. It would be silly to develop any kind of expectations for someone you barely know. It's just a date, just like if you were to go out to the movies with your friends. Just have fun that night. That's all that matters.

    2. How would you know someone isn't your type unless you gave them a chance? I talked to tons of married couples. And nearly all of the wives said that they weren't immediately attracted to their husband at first, but now they love him more than they ever loved any guy in their life.

    And also, how would you know what your type is unless you date several people. You may say you want a certain thing, but once you get it, you may realize you want something else. You may learn to appreciate qualities in people you couldn't before once you give them a chance.

    Again, it's just a date. Not a big deal. It's not like you are getting married and divorced the same day.

    Whats the harm?


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  • I think its kind of a weird question. You could date somebody you think you might marry, but who would every really know if that would happen? We can't look into the future.

    I think its good to date people you've known for quite a while, who you can trust, who your good friends with. Not if you think you would marry them.

  • Pig !

  • like just go out on a date? or date them for an extended period...=/ lol.

    Well dating allows you to get to know the person and find out things about them and sometimes it doesn't work out that way. Some people casually date to just explore their options and not commit.