Why would she do these things, but then not go out on a date?

This is the situation:

-Approached random girl.

-Got her number.

-Called her 3 days later.

-She answered and we talked for a couple mins. There was background noise so she may have been busy, but I asked if she would be free to go out sometime this week but she said she doesn't know yet. She then added that I could/should text her later to find out for sure.

-Two days later I text her saying I found this cool new restaurant and was wondering if she'd like to go there something time week.

Nothing. She didn't respond to the text. It's been a long enough time since the text to reasonably assume that she has seen the text but chose to not respond. So why would she give me her number, answer the call, and tell me to text her later to find out? She didn't have to give me her number, she didn't have to answer the call, and she could have just said she was busy or she doesn't know... but she added on the "text me" part.

Is there anything I should do now? Just general thoughts on why she wouldn't go out would be appreciated...


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  • Probably wasn't interested but was too timid/scared/whatever to just be straight-forward with you.

    • But she still gave the number, answered, and told me to text her to figure out what she has going on this week?

    • I would have thought a "timid" girl would just not answer the phone.

    • I don't know man... She could be one of those special girls who just likes to have guys chasing them even when they're not interested. I personally think that's not as common as a lot of people think, but it's possible in this scenario.

      Regardless, I recommend just moving on.

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