Going on a date with a very inexperienced guy, he is so nervous! How can I make him feel more comfortable?

I want him to be comfortable, I don't want him to be nervous and overthinking everything on the date. It's a given that we both like one another, we've been flirting and talking about dating for a while. It took him a little while to actually set up a date though. With a little push he did it though :)

I myself am not too experienced when it comes to dating, but I think I have more experience than he does lol

We are both 22. He is very sweet, kind, respectful, funny. How should I act on the first date so that things go well? I'm not really a fan of kissing on the first date and in this case I say it's a no-go since he will be prob be nervous lol.

Should I be touchy feely? Hug him at the end of the night? I just don't want to scare him. I realllllly like this guy so do you have any advice for me? He likes me back so that isn't an issue. How do we get past this awkward stage!? We're doing the standard dinner and a movie.


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  • I don't think there's much you can do. If he's nervous then he's nervous. Touching him a bit is always a good sign, as are hugs. Just be yourself and have fun, but just know that you might have to be the decision maker a lot. If the date goes well, go ahead and kiss him, you can't just decide now that you aren't going to.

    • Thanks! :) I'll just go with the flow

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  • Kiss him. He's not scared of being kissed, he's scared that you don't want to kiss.

    • No he knows I like him. I think he's nervous to make any first moves. I don't want to put any pressure on him

    • Unless he's asexual, he's unsure of how to make the first moves without messing up. If he finds kissing you off putting, you really should move on.

      If he simply doesn't know how to initiate, then the more you do, the more confident he'll be that his approach doesn't matter as it will be well received.

  • kiss him first


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