How to go from Dating to her Boyfriend?

Don't worry, this isn't a question about how to have "the talk."

I'm wondering how I go (how else to act, what else to do, etc) from just being the guy she's dating, to the guy who's about to be a significant other (it's one of those situations where I think we're both pretty sure of what's gonna eventually happen, it's just a matter of getting there).

Just to give a little backstory I started sitting next to this girl in my lecture, we talked for a little, and got her number. We've hung out on campus once and went to dinner once (in addition to seeing/sitting next to her three times a week in class). End of last week I asked her out again and she kind of shook that off but instead offered I come have breakfast at her place (a classic "meet my roomies and friends") (of course I went).

Like even though we haven't hung out a ton outside of class, I feel like her and I know each other pretty well and feel like we've been dating a lot longer than it's actually been(this all started like second week of September btw).

I know it boils down to me just bringing her into my life more and showing her I have time for her, but how?

Also, I thought it was great to meet her friends but I don't know how to bring her around/introduce her to mine? Is it fine to just invite her over to shoot the s*** with my roommates and then watch a movie? (And if yes, will she be weirded out or thinking I just want to get some if I say we should watch a movie when the only TV I can use for that purpose is in my room, with a bed? haha)

Any feedback is GREATLY appreciated! Definitely let me know if I need more details!



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  • I think you pretty much know what to do. Yes, you need to bring her into your life more, maybe start talking about more personal things so you guys will have a deeper connection with each other and yes! Definitely introduce her to your friends as well. It may be a little suspicious bringing her to your room for the movie thing lol. Maybe something more casual like studying or doing homework at your place for that class you guys have together or something along those lines (at least for the first time you invite her over). But start spending more time outside of class as well, take her out more frequently, etc.


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