Should I wait until I hear from him or text him first?

Over the weekend my friend introduced me to her boyfriend's friend. The weekend turned out horrible for a variety of reasons, but I still wanted to talk to this guy. I said that, if he wanted, we should hang out again. He said we can he was just going through a lot at the moment. That was last night and we haven't talked since. I want to text him and try to cheer him up, but do I need to just leave him be for now? If I don't hear from him when would possibly be a good day to text him? Or was he not serious about wanting to hang out again?


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  • He may had too much in his head so he forgot about that, you should call with a friendly style and show some interest for him (how is his day if everything is good with his life etc..), I'm sure he will recognize it on you and see that you care about him. I'm sure this move will have good results.


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