To call or not to call. I really need some advice people!

So I was dating this guy for a couple months.

He's an attorney. He never had much time to pay as much attention to me as I wanted.

Anyways, last weekend, I got mad and told him that I didn't want to be in a relationship in which I was the only one trying. And to not contact me again.

He replied a few days later "after reading the texts from this weekend, I'm now saying it stops. Please don't text me again. I wish you the best in all your endenvors."

Basically, at this point I kind of miss him. I'm thinking I might give it a few weeks then call or text him. (after Halloween or maybe mid November.)

What do you think.

So he got in contact with me again about a month ago. We started talking and I told him that I was in a relationship.

He was so butt hurt and jealous about it. He said he didn't expect me to get into a relationship so soon after we stopped talking. That was after he professed his love for me, yeah right.

Hey, you snooze you loose right? lol


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  • you've both kinda agreed not to contact each other and it sounds like the relationship is going nowhere.

    his reply sounds like a standard letter to a client "I wish you the best in all your endeavours"

    lol really, Is that how you speak to normal people, especially somebody you're meant to be in a relationship with ?

    that's the end of a rejection letter on an application form you got from some averager joe:)

    just move on and find somebody who will give you the attention you seek and doesn't treat everything as a business meeting.

    • RIGHT! I was thinking the same exact thing when I wrote this.

      I think he loves his job to much, maybe to much to have a girlfriend.

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    • It sucks because I really liked him.

      One time I texted him and asked him to call me when he was free and he said "sorry not this week, hopefully I'll have some time in a couple weeks."


    • yeah I can imagine it does suck but lawyers are generally career driven people and the only thing that matters is winning the case.

      they will work into the early hours at home on cases and go to the office after practically no sleep and do it all again.

      (that's not a life , that's a sentence, in a way they are a prisoner of their job)

      in a way I feel kinda sorry for people like that because NO job on earth is worth all of your time.

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  • i think he has moved on. I suppose that you can do it, but be prepared. I can understand not wanting to be ignored. I am sorry.


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  • Sounds like it's over. Sorry I would just move on. I wouldn't contact him again. You'll meet someone that is wanting and willing to give you the time and attention you deserve:)

  • Just ignore him show him that your better than that, move on. Get somone better! I've been throught it all before! And I'm not lying I'm telling 100% truth and it gave me deppression, you don't want to go down that path!x

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