I'm in love should I continue dating other people though

. me and this dude like each other since I was 14 and he was 16 I'm now 20 and he's now 22. Everything was great at first then something happened we started arguing every time we spoke then oneday like three years ago he told me he didn't like me anymore. I was hurt like hell meaning depressed suicide thoughts & everything I just couldn't think of him being with some other chick it broke me literally. He was there for me telling me not to stress and that he will always be there for me. I told him everything that I would never tell anyone else. I feel so comfortable with and around him. He was there for me through my hard times with my exes and everything bottom line he's a good guy. But anyways I would ask him if he liked me anymore he would say we have to talk more. Because we stopped talking for months Because of everything that happened. He would tell me constantly to move on so I did. When I started to he started to get upset because I started dating I stopped calling him he started calling me. Then oneday his brother told me he told him that he would never talk to me more than friends so I asked him about it he told me yea he did say it but he said he didn't say it recently because he hasn't spoken to his brother recently. And I told him I be waiting around for him and he said what do you think I do. he knows I like him he keeps telling me he knows. I'm just so confused he tells me to move on but then he acts as if he likes me but then again that was 3 years ago I don't know but right now everything is peaches & cream between us no arguing or nothing I'm scared to ask him if he likes me again I don't think he will tell me anytime soon Because I think he's scared because the first time he told me he was scared. Recently on the phone he said to me how come I'm not doing what has doing by not dating I told him I hadn't dated since last year which is true. At the time I had no phone I was using my friends phone so he asked me how am I gonna call him I told him I don't know so he told me to write him on Facebook I told him no because he hardly uses Facebook and that he would take for ever to write me back he said yes that's true but he told me for real to right him on Facebook since I had no phone so I wrote him September 14 giving him my new number he didn't write back Because he hadn't been on I can see when someone has read the message so I wrote him October 4 saying you really do take for ever to write back and he just read the message with no response I got so upset should I be this mad ? I wonder why he sticks around after everything I put him through with any other girl he would cut them off I know because he tells me and he doesn't take any crap but with me he always says we won't ever stop talking I don't know I'm in love with this dude for real my feelings are so deep we seem to always end up talking to each other again like going back to each other no we never dated before either should I continue seeing other people what do you guys think of this situation be honest


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  • I say move on, too much to deal with really


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