Can't seem to get a girlfriend for the life of me?

I just can't figure out what I can do to get a girlfriend. I get dates, but after the first date most times, second or third if I am very lucky and that is it. Maybe some advice on how some of you guys that get girlfriends especially those how are chubby.

Normally in between dates I just really check up on her and see how she is doing. At the same time just try to setup the next date. That is what I normally do between dates 1-3


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  • If you are getting to Date 3 then you're probably on the right track already and sort of missing the next step... Can you outline a little what you do for Dates 1-3?

    • So are you "checking up" too frequently, perhaps? (I only ask because no one likes to feel smothered... It's nice to touch base once mid-week, but not every day unless you're actually bf/gf.)

  • Are you still showing interest between dates one and three or maybe the girl is mistaking your behaviors for being not interested?

    • Well to me I think I am showing interest, but I don't know if she takes it as that. I would call and try to ask her out and let her know I think she is beautiful. Maybe you can let me know more.

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