Why would this guy cry twice since he broke it off with me?

so dated this guy for a few dates and then he broke it off, forgot a few important dates and over all not very considerate about not showing up and saying he was sick and I have 'forgiven' that , I just don't talk to him .

he cried twice in my presence and I am more curious what it means. he gave the regular 'bullsh*t' excuse that he had to figure himself out and deal with his demons.i think he's like a piece of poop. and I'm getting married to someone different, the man of my dreams.

so, why would a grown man cry twice in your presence, tell you 'i don't deserve you' and break down so easily?


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  • There's something he isn't telling you, for sure, and more importantlyly, you're very important to him, in spite of his being inconsiderate and in spite of the demons. Maybe he knows he has no chance to ever see you again...have you told him you're planning to get married to someone else?

    • he probably heard about it by now because there are some mutual friends that my husband to be has, that are his friends as well (ironically) however, I did not rub it in my ex bf's face that I'm engaged. I haven't talked to him since we broke up.

  • one of two things is happening. Outside forces are showing him or have conditioned him to understand that that's how relationships work or he is bullsh*tting you 6 ways from Sunday and he needs to grow up. regardless, due to your description you are probably still in high school and the guy is likely younger. Not attempting to type cast but patterns do occur in maturity patterns and you may just have to aim for those that have matured because from your post, you described a child.

    • he's 5 years older.

    • wow, that's extremely surprising and breaks most trends but that's how those things work out right. try to show off and get shown up. lol. anyways. I still think the guy has some growing up to do.

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