Is he interested?

hi guys and girls,

so I met this guy like a year ago I only see him in special occasions like weddings because he is a friend of the family, so here what I have noticed :

1- he appears very happy when he sees and give me a kiss on the chick

2- when he gets a chance he give a huge hug lol

3- every time I look at him I catch him looking at me

4- smile all the time

5 my opinion matters to him ( like for example if any one give an opinion about something he doesn't care and said "no" , but when I give the same opinion later on he agrees and do what I propose )

6- told me several time that I am beautiful

7- he tries to flirt with me but since they always be people around he gets nervous so either I change the subject or move away so I won't make him uncomfortable

8 tries to be with when i am alone ( to talk)

9-almost kissed

10- he told his sister that he find me attractive

so guys and girls what do you think , is he really interested or just a player


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  • 9 is the biggest hint you have! I say he does like you. If he was just a player, he wouldn't push away other girls to be with you. A player doesn't miss opportunities like that. Go for it! He's interested!

    • thank you very much you have made my day !

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    • yeah you are absolutely right about that , I didn't think that before ! and yeah you surely deserve a best answer , thank you very very ?uch

    • No problem :D and thank You

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