Do girls like long text conversations?

Or is the "getting to know each other" part best left for dates? That's the short question.

Longer story is:

I had to do some volunteering last Saturday and a group of girls my age happened to be there too. Essentially me and this one cute chick had a good time. Not an overly amazing time, I couldn't tell if she was kinda shy or just not super into me, or just busy working, but she was positive/smiling when we talked so I got her number.

Later that day I sent her a text saying that I had a good time and my name was attached just so she had my number too. She said "see you next week! :)" because we'll both be there again next Saturday.

Monday I had a question for her which resulted in a short 6 text or so conversation. Nothing exciting on her end except a couple "haha"'s.

That brings me to today. I know almost nothing about her at this point. So do I text her something like "So what sports do you play?" (Help me refine that to sound friendlier) and hope it leads into a longer getting to know each other kinda thing, or is it best to be like "Hey let's do something together after the volunteering on Saturday" (help me refine that too) and talk then if she agrees. Or should I not even send anything at all and just see if we click more on Saturday.


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  • I'd rather talk in person than have a long text


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  • i prefer to text rather than talk on the phone so I like long convos but I am also seventeen so it might be different for other girls. However I do like talking in person also=]

    • Is my "What sports do you play?" question good enough to begin a convo or is there a different preferred method?

    • Um that could work but that isn't a good long conversation starter you can say hey has anything interesting happened to you today? That is how my convos usually start aha

  • No, I mean I prefer to text over talking on the phone. But, sometimes I just feel like "omg, when will this effing conversation end" when I'm in a long text convo. I guess it depends on how much you like the person, too.

    • So a guy you just met doesn't fall into the "like enough to text a lot" category?

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