Not sure what to do!! Am I sending the wrong message?

I met this guy at a college party and he asked for my number and we started kind of talking. He is really bad at texting so I feel like every conversation we have, I end within a matter of like 5 or 6 texts by just saying OK well text me later if you aren't doing anything. The first time I said this he texted me a couple times repetitively saying he was back if I wanted to chill, but I was sleeping. However yesterday I ended the convo saying text me later if you want to chill, he just said for sure and never texted me. Should I let him text me first next? I'm kinda worried he might think I'm not into him because I always end the conversation. Should I just ask if he wants to grab dinner with me? thanks for the advice :)


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  • Be straight out...Text him right now and tell him I like you and I would like to get to know you better lets have dinner together and give him a day . Tell him it will be your treat..Guys like it when a girl offers to pay. You will leave him amazed and interested because girls always make men feel unappreciated. So by doing this you will let him know that you appreciate him for saying yes and going to dinner. Most likely he will end up paying for both of you if you offer to pay. Guys honestly don't mind paying for a girl it's just that they appreciate a girl who doesn't mind spending money on some else other than themselves it shows that your thoughtful and who doesn't like thoughtful person . Trust me on this ..And if he says no I'll pay you should get the bill not aggressively or all quick get it playfully and smile and say you'll get the bill next time let me get this one .

  • Well, you should definitely show a little more interest if you really like the guy. But don't force it, wait for him to text you back and then you try and be more gentle and friendly and maybe ask him to grab a bite if you're feeling very confident!

    Good luck!

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