To chase or not to chase?

So I met this guy and we've been out three times over the course of a month. He initiated the first date but I have initiated the last two. We have a LOT of chemistry between us and acted on that pretty quickly. So far, I really like him a lot. We discussed our busy schedules and I let him know I hate playing the game of dating but I'm good at relationships and that I don't know if its a problem that I text him first (only once a week or so)and I never know how long to wait. (been out of the dating world 15 years, divorced now for 2.5) My schedule is so crazy I told him I didn't want to be pursued, that I wanted to be in control of what I want. He assured me he is cool and I should relax and not listen to dating advise about such things. He told me and shows he is interested and told me that he hates using his phone because he is on it all day and he prefers text over phone conversations. I'm OK with that, I guess. So far he always responds to my texts fairly quickly. I did ask him once if he minded if I called him and 10 seconds later he was calling me. He said he would rearrange his schedule so we could hang out because I couldn't hang out any other time. Anyway, the last time we hung out he made it clear he had to work in the morning early so there were no surprises. When we left in the morning (him work, me home) he told me to text him that night after I finished hanging with my friends. Knowing he had a very long full day with not too much sleep the night before I wasn't expecting anything so I texted that night (Saturday) and asked if he survived his day. He replied yes but was in need... (autocorrect to bed). I said lol I figured you meant need bed! Then, stupid me, I texted, wanna get together Wednesday night? ... NO REPLY This is the first time he hasn't replied to me. I've been paranoid about ruining this by always being the one initiating things and not letting him chase me. PLEASE TELL ME, should I just wait? Or can I give it a week and text him and not mention this. I honestly didn't care that we didn't hang out because I made other plans. But, I have a problem of waiting for nothing. I het being blown off and ignored. I am definitely afraid of being hurt.


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  • i don't think he's into you. if he was he would still try to contact you. he is fine with having you as an option but you aren't his main girl.

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